Friday, September 10, 2010

PassiveRecon 2.0 / Chrome Extension / DNSstuff

So it has been a while since I truly updated PassiveRecon. Now that I am taking a new position at a different firm, I will have some more time to work on this add-on.

To the folks who gave the add-on negative reviews, I am sorry that DNSstuff went to a $$$ model, but that doesn't negate the other information provided by the tool. I decided to leave it in there so if folks did have an account with them (like me), it would work well. That being said, I am removing DNSstuff from the next version (2.0), so as to keep with the "free" model.

Speaking of version 2.0, this will be released sometime later this month (September), and hopefully a Chrome Extension will soon follow (October). I have received a lot of great feedback and suggestions, and will integrate them the best I can.

If you have trouble with the tool, or have suggestions, feel free to email me at

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toggmeister said...


Great news, thanks for update, this also going to be compatible with Firefox 4 Beta +


Kev Orrey