Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PassiveRecon v2.00 Approved by Mozilla

Version 2.00 was approved last night, so hopefully you should see an update prompt beginning today when you start Firefox. If not, you can download it directly from the PassiveRecon Mozilla page, located at:
Again, look for the Chrome Extension and FF4 compatibility in October.

Enjoy and please email me any issues/suggestions.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Version 2 Submitted to Mozilla

I just submitted version 2.00 of PassiveRecon to Mozilla. Hopefully it will be approved shortly. Below are the changes made in version 2:

  • Removed DNSStuff, EmailStuff (Not Responding), and SamSpade (Be Back Soon)
  • Added a New Logos
  • Added new Google/MS Office 2003/2007 file searching capabilities

Version 2.0 is not Firefox 4 compatible (or at least I haven't tried it yet). I will work on that shortly, along with the Chrome Extension, but I didn't want to sit on this until I have time to test and potentially rewrite the plugin to support FF4.

Toggmeister, shoot me your email por favor!

Friday, September 10, 2010

PassiveRecon 2.0 / Chrome Extension / DNSstuff

So it has been a while since I truly updated PassiveRecon. Now that I am taking a new position at a different firm, I will have some more time to work on this add-on.

To the folks who gave the add-on negative reviews, I am sorry that DNSstuff went to a $$$ model, but that doesn't negate the other information provided by the tool. I decided to leave it in there so if folks did have an account with them (like me), it would work well. That being said, I am removing DNSstuff from the next version (2.0), so as to keep with the "free" model.

Speaking of version 2.0, this will be released sometime later this month (September), and hopefully a Chrome Extension will soon follow (October). I have received a lot of great feedback and suggestions, and will integrate them the best I can.

If you have trouble with the tool, or have suggestions, feel free to email me at http://scr.im/mascasa.