Sunday, October 19, 2008

v1.0 & Mozilla Acceptance

A couple of notes for this latest post. First, I have updated to v1.0. I believe the extension is finally ready for 1.0 status as I have added some additional sites (thanks Pat & toggmeister) and added a status bar menu. The complete change log is below.

The second development is that Mozilla finally accepted the extension and now hosts it. As of this post the old version, 0.4, is posted. I have submitted the 1.0 version for review, so if you have the extension installed, you should get a prompt when it is accepted (assuming you have auto-update check enabled).

*** Update ***
- Mozilla approved the update and published it yesterday, 11/17.

Please keep the comments and suggestions coming.

PassiveRecon ChangeLog
- Changed version to 1.0
- Removed Toolbar option
- Changed GPL verbiage
- Created new groupings and submenu sysetm
- Added Status Bar Menu (Left Click)
- Added Favicons
- Changed Logo
- Ordered "Show All" order to match categories

1 comment:

TyggerBob said...

Ok.. as a security professional who does a lot of Open Source Intelligence gathering work, this plugin is simply amazing.. Thank you so much for creating it and making it available. Is there any chance of making the java source code available? I have a few other filetypes and things I'd like to add to the google section. Failing that, would it be possible to create a menu item that prompt the user for the file type, and, alternatively, for a secondary search string, to create a as "filetype:xls payroll"
Thanks, Bob